16Ltr. Agriculture Spraying Drone


Specifications :
Tank Capacity – 16Liters
Transmission Range – 2km
Maximum Take-off Weight – 26kg
Flight Time – 10-15min
Flying Modes – Manual & Autonomous
Coverage Rate – 8-10acre/hr
Spraying Width – 3.5-4.5m
Nozzle Type – T Jet Flat spray
No.of Spraying Nozzles – 6 Nozzles
Maximum Flying Altitude – 60m
Frame Type – Foldable
Frame weight – 16kg
Live streaming Camera – 720p@30

Features :
1)Dual GPS Flight control System
2)Self Resistant to Wind Velocity <12m/sec
3)Semi water proof Propulsion system
4)Return-to-Home (RTH)
6)Low Battery Protection
7)Signal Loss Protection
8)Empty Tank Warning
9)Live stream tele-metric Data & Video

Flying Modes :
1) Attitude Mode/ Manual Mode
2) GPS Mode/ Semi Autonomous Mode
3) Autonomous Mode

Fail-safe Features :
1) Low-voltage Protection
2) Signal Loss Protection
3) Empty Tank warning

On screen tele-metric Data :
Flying Altitude
Flying Speed
Distance from Home
Distance Travelled
Battery Voltage
Satellite Signal Strength

Package Includes :
1 16L Drone + Transmitter (Remote)
2*6S ,22.2V ,16000mAh Batteries
1 Dual Battery Charger of 1080W
1 Tool kit


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